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Many of us have spent our precious time and money looking for and trying different ways to establish a successful business and earning a lucrative income. With the current Aids, swine flu and killer TB epidemic in Africa the demand for coffins and caskets are huge. Get a job with an existing manufacturer or start your own coffin and casket business with our coffin training program.
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We will provide you with the necessary coffin & casket manufacturing skills to start your own coffin business, or secure employment with an existing manufacturer. With us you can learn how to manufacture coffins and caskets or you can simply become a distributor of coffins and caskets, i.e buy inexpensive products directly from the factory, add on your mark-up and resell to the public. You could make a profit of 100% and more on some of the products. You can either attend a course in Kempton Park or purchase a pre-made do-it-yourself kit. If you can work with carpentry tools then you can simply get our coffin training manuals or videos, which is the most cost effective option of getting your business up and running. The manuals cover the entire manufacturing process from A to Z including pictures, diagrams, sizes, patterns, templates, etc. The most viable and cheapest coffin training available is our casket and coffin training videos.

Coffin & Casket Training Manuals

  • Introduction
  • Tools and machinery
  • Required materials
  • Paints and oxides
  • Staining chipboard
  • Colour mixtures & recipes
  • Jig diagrams and blocks
  • Coffin measurements
  • Constructing a coffin
  • Panel pins and screws
  • Coffin training notes
  • Guidelines during construction
  • Coffin trimmings
  • Coffin skirtings
  • Oversized coffins
  • Positioning of handles
  • Legal requirements
  • Cutting guide for coffins
  • Cutting guide for jigs
  • Floor panel screws
  • Diagrams of coffin lids
  • Template sizes
coffin and casket training videos

Full Package

  • Coffin & Casket Training Videos
  • Coffin & Casket Manuals
  • Seven Coffin Templates
  • Coffin Side Panel Template
  • Casket Lid Template
  • Marketing & Business Package
  • Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Quick, Easy & Inexpensive
  • Download demo video

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