Flatlid Coffin

Flatlid coffin

The flatlid coffin can be made with cheap chipboard or supawood and then stained so it resembles hardwood, as per the image on the left.

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Coffin and Casket Training Manuals

A short synopsis of the manual
  • Introduction
  • Tools and machinery
  • Required materials
  • Paints and oxides
  • Staining chipboard
  • Colour mixtures & recipes
  • Jig diagrams and blocks
  • Coffin measurements
  • Constructing a coffin
  • Panel pins and screws
  • Guidelines during construction
  • Coffin trimmings
  • Coffin skirtings
  • Oversized coffins
  • Positioning of handles
  • Legal requirements
  • Cutting guide for coffins
  • Cutting guide for jigs
  • Floor panel screws
  • Diagrams of coffin lids
  • Template sizes