Keith 0833923941
2018-07-06 11:52:27 AM
I am working at dischem

Nonhlanhla Ndebele 0721990821
2017-03-22 7:51:28 AM
Certified in caskets and coffins manufacturer,National Diploma in Marketing Management.15 years experience in sales as a Team leader and quality coach.

Maxwell Webb Ntuli 0840884218
2017-03-20 7:00:59 AM
Structural Draughtsman, Reinforced concrete detailer, just finished a course in coffin and casket making

Tebuhob mpangase 081 503 2203
2017-03-19 7:01:09 AM
Have skills in Coffins and caskets making and cabinet makings.

Residing at kzn south coast harding.

Hudson 0817892732
2017-03-17 3:53:06 PM
Btech in operations management,advance certificate in total quality management,advance certificate in project management. N4 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. more than 15 years experience in technical division.



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