Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • No refund will be made for goods and/or services provided.
  • We reserve the right to decline any marketing, advertising or business applications and orders.
  • We are a private training center and not affiliated to any educational organization.
  • Some courses may be interrupted by loadshedding.

Courses must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. We do not accept liability for injuries sustained during the course. Let us know should you want a pre-course meeting with our tutor.

All payments are strictly on a cash or electronic transfer basis. Due to fraudulent activities we no longer accept cheques. Payment has to be made BEFORE services or goods will be delivered.

A deposit of R 800.00 (or R 600.00 for an individual course) is payable seven days after booking/registration so that we can reserve the dates that you selected. The balance of the fee is payable FIVE DAYS before the course starts, or in cash to our tutor on the first day before the course starts. The course will not commence unless the full balance has been paid.

The latest trend is for people to edit an existing deposit slip (probably on a PC) and then scan or photocopy it. The end product looks genuine and authentic with a bank stamp, yet no deposit was made. As such we will only release products when the credit is shown in our bank account.

You do not have to send us a copy of the deposit slip, as we receive an sms from the bank when a credit is received. Simply use your initials and surname as a reference when making the payment. Bear in mind, if payment is made from a different bank it could take up to one day before it reaches our bank.

We do not deliver. You (or your courier) must collect kits from our physical address in KZN. If you want us to arrange the courier service on your behalf to deliver the kit, the cost will be R 150.00 for the casket kit and R 150.00 for the coffin kit. Kits will be sent via Time Freight courier to their closest branch to you. A tracking code will be provided. We no longer make use of the post office for DIY kits.

All goods are sent counter to counter, which means you must collect it on arrival. If you want delivery to your physical address the Time Freight cost will be higher and we will have to obtain a quotation from them. We do not accept liability for losses, damage or delays caused by the courier company or any bank.

Goods will only be released once payment has been cleared by the bank. DIY kits will be ready 5 working days after payment is received and cleared. This also depends on factory workload. Orders for kits with the factory will only be placed after payment is received.

The manuals, DIY kit and course covers the flatlid coffin and raised flatlid casket.

Following a course or after receiving your manuals/kit and you still need assistance, you can contact us with your questions and problems. Please also read our FAQ page for some guidelines.

Should you loose your training manuals, templates or course certificate at any point the replacement cost will be as follows:

  • Manuals - R 400.00
  • Templates - R 350.00
  • Course certificate - R 50.00
  • Plus postage