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SA Coffin Training was established during 2002 due to the huge demand for affordable funeral products. We strive to assist those who wants to join this lucrative market, either as a manufacturer or distributor.
Training of students are done in Alberton. We have three options available for students. A quick start would be the training manuals only, which covers the entire manufacturing process of coffins and caskets. We also have training videos with the full package here.

Then we have a do-it-yourself kit, which comprises of a pre-made infant coffin and casket. You can then use this as an example to make your own coffin and casket. Lastly we have a 2 - 3 day course where the students will make an infant coffin and casket.

For those who do not want to get involved with manufacturing itself, we have a marketing list where you can simply buy and sell coffins/caskets for profit, i.e. your own distribution network. Added to this our business package you will also have a place to start marketing the products. However, we recommend you start your marketing campaign in your local area first.

Should you wish to meet with our tutor before the course please let me know of a day and time (at least 7 days in advance), which I will then confirm with him and let you know. To arrange such a meeting please click here.

  • Tutorial training videos here
  • OR training manuals and templates here
  • OR attend a training course here
  • OR purchase a DIY kit here

Coffin & Casket Training Videos

A short synopsis of the package
  • Video on how to make the jig
  • Video on preparing side panels
  • Video on fitting the side panels
  • Video on head and toe inserts
  • Video fitting the floor panel
  • Video on making the lid
  • Video on fitting the skirting
  • Important notes
  • Coffin training manual
  • Seven coffin templates
  • Video making the main box
  • Video on fitting the skirtings
  • Video on the lif frame frame
  • Video on fitting the hinges
  • Video of the lid support and lid
  • Important notes
  • Casket training manual
  • Coffin side panel template
  • Business package
coffin and casket training videos

Full Package

  • Coffin & Casket Training Videos
  • Coffin & Casket Manuals
  • Seven Coffin Templates
  • Coffin Side Panel Template
  • Marketing & Business Package
  • Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Quick, Easy & Inexpensive
  • Download demo video

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