Coffin & Casket Training Manuals

The manuals explain in detail how to manufacture coffins and caskets, including how to stain chipboard so it resembles hardwood. It includes sizes, images, photos and a step-by-step guide.

    Manuals With Business Package
  • Coffin and casket manuals (view index) with business package - R 620.00
  • Coffin Templates (Optional But Recommended)
  • Seven coffin templates - R 350.00 (correct shapes of the coffins)

You also receive a list of suppliers. All files will be placed on a DVD and sent via Postnet. If you can work with carpentry tools then the training manuals should be sufficient to guide you through the entire manufacturing process from A to Z. You can also contact us for guidance during the learning process. However, you may need the templates to get the exact coffin shapes. This is a cost effective and inexpensive option to get your manufacturing business off the ground. You can go one step further and also get the training videos together with all the above HERE.

The manuals cover topics such as tools and machinery, materials, paints and oxides, staining chipboard, jig diagrams, constructing a jig, measurements, constructing a coffin, panel pins, guidelines, coffin trimmings, oversized coffins, positioning of handles, cutting guide, floor panel screws, coffin lids, jig blueprints, safety and wood types.

The raised flat lid casket covers the casket box, frame, floor panel, hinges, lid support, the lid itself, skirting, trimmings, securing the panels, staining and painting, sizes, images of the completed casket with trimmings.


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