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Why buy a coffin or casket from an undertaker for R 18,000.00 when you can buy products directly from the manufacturer for R 450.00 to R 5,000.00? Or sell the products on behalf of the factories and start a profitable distribution business.

You can choose whether you want your coffin or casket trimmed or untrimmed. You can choose between stained chipboard, MDF foil, pine and hardwood products. You can buy your coffin or casket directly at factory prices WITHOUT the HUGE markup by undertakers. View some of the products here. You also get a link to an inexpensive DOME CASKET manufacturer.

We will refer you to manufacturers in the areas below where you can purchase your coffins or caskets at factory prices. You can save up to 400% by buying your funeral products directly from a manufacturer. When you contact the manufacturers directly they will supply you with a pricelist. For detailed guidelines on starting a distribution network please visit our FAQ PAGE.

For a once-off payment of R 360.00 we will send you the contact details and addresses of the manufacturers below. You can then visit/contact the manufacturers closest to you so you can decide which products you want to buy and sell. This you will have to negotiate directly with the manufacturers concerned. If you are in an area that is not listed below then we will try to find the closest manufacturer to you. With your order you also get the business package.

1) List of Manufacturers
2) Business Package - View Index

On receipt of payment we will supply you with a download link for the list and business package. The file size is 30MB.

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